Design Thinking

We deploy Design Thinking techniques to help elicit problems and uncover solutions that are relentlessly problem solving

Design Thinking is a methodology to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions. A design mindset is focused on solution fit for a problem, challenge or opportunity, and geared towards creating a preferred future. 

The process draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning to explore possibilities of what could be - and create desired outcomes that benefit the end user. We use Design Thinking methodologies from the Stanford d.School and IDEO, in a process that Google Ventures and other organisations have popularised for prototyping and validating new business ideas and concepts. 

Design Thinking is a formal approach which typically has five steps as shown below:

The five stages are not always sequential and they can often occur in parallel and be repeated iteratively. As such, the stages should be seen as different components that contribute to a project.

The focus is on imagining what a preferred future state would look like and developing one or two themes/ideas that could be tested (with your clients/customers). The process should aim to deliver a high-level “menu” of potential solutions and an agreed set of next steps to help you move forward in a considered way without committing significant budget in technology projects before you are ready to do so.